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This guide explains how to connect your Goldcast organization with your Slack Workspace and Salesforce account. If this is your first time setting up the integration, we recommend reading this guide sequentially to ensure you do not miss any crucial steps.

    Chapter 1: Configuring the Slack + Salesforce integration

    Chapter 2: Viewing Goldcast notifications in Slack


The Slack + Salesforce integration is a powerful tool that streamlines your workflow and allows you to send Goldcast event-related notifications to your Slack Workspace. With this integration, you can receive real-time updates about Goldcast event registrations, attendance, and pre-and post-event summaries directly on your preferred Slack channel. This makes it easy to track key metrics and stay up-to-date with event information. 

Besides receiving Slack notifications, this integration allows you to send direct Slack messages to specific Salesforce Lead, Contact, and Account owners whenever your chosen triggers occur in Goldcast. This feature is customizable, allowing you to decide who receives which messages.

Whether you need to follow up with attendees or reach out to potential leads, this integration makes it easy for your marketing and sales team to access streamlined, actionable data about event registrations and attendance right on their Slack channels, providing effective lead and contact engagement. 

Currently, we support Slack notifications for the following actions (triggers) in Goldcast:

  1. New Event Registration: Sends a notification whenever a new user registers for an event.
  2. New Event Attendee: Sends a notification when a registered user attends the event.
  3. Pre-Event Notification: Sends a custom message notification 24 hours before the event starts.  
  4. Post-Event Attendee Summary: Sends a notification of attendance summary two hours after the event ends. 

Note: This integration only sends notifications to Slack and does not make any changes to your connected Salesforce account. To connect your Salesforce account with Goldcast, refer to our Salesforce Integration Guide.

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