Benefits of sponsor booths

Discover the advantages of having sponsor booths at your Goldcast event.

Features available to sponsors:

  •        Provide links
  •        Provide downloadable docs
  •        Featured video to auto-play when an attendee enters the booth
  •        Upload a square logo with a hyperlink
  •        Provide a description of your services for prospects
  •        Networking rooms – up to 30 people in a room – great for group chats or 1-on-1 chats
  •        Ability to have the video on and screen share within networking rooms
  •        Booth chat

Data available to sponsors – organizer would need to pull and share this:

  •        Time spent in the booth
  •        Time spent watching videos in the booth
  •        Resources clicked in the booth
  •        Chat history
  •        Time spent in the networking room
  •        Recorded networking room

Note: All data listed above is on a per-attendee basis.


The value-adds for sponsors to use a Goldcast booth:

  • Sponsors can demonstrate the product/service through videos to a target audience and engage with them through chat messages.  
  • Sponsors can share their content with booth visitors by uploading documents (customer forms, brochures, portfolios etc.) and videos in the booth Resources section, which is easily accessible and downloadable.
  • Sponsors can link their website to their booth/s to gain more traction on their web page.
  • Looking out to have a personal conversation with your visitors? Sponsors can create rooms within their booths wherein they can virtually chat face-to-face with their potential customers.
  • Sponsors can add a Booth CTA Button, which will help them identify customers interested in their product/service. 
  • Gain valuable insights through our analytics page, which will help a sponsor identify the right leads. 

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