What are single and multi-session events?

When creating events in Goldcast, you can select a single-session event or a multi-session event. Both single-session and multi-session events can be of any length, have engagement options enabled, and have rooms and booths. 

Single session events

Single-session events are perfect for training, product demos, speaker roundtables, internal company meetings and more. When you create a single session event, a session will automatically be added to your agenda, which has the same name, date, and duration as your event.

When creating your event, you'll select a duration of 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. If you require a different length, you can change this once you create your event. If you need to add additional sessions to your agenda, you can do so at any time using the Program section. 

Multi-session events

When you create a multi-session event, your agenda will be empty to start, and you can add as many sessions as you need. You can schedule the event to occur on a single day or multiple days and enter your start and end times. 

What about webinars? 

Single-session events replace webinars in the Goldcast Studio. Single-session events have the same ease of creation as webinars, but they allow you to convert from single session to multi-session and back again as needed. There are no longer restrictions on event length and adding Rooms and Booths. 

Hosting single-session and multi-session events in the Goldcast Event Stage have the same experience. All events have an Agenda tab, and buffer videos will be visible on the stage before your first session begins. 

Speakers & Organizers

From the event landing page, speakers and organizers can access the backstage area of any session by clicking the Enter backstage button on that session. If speakers and organizers click the “Enter event” button, they will land on the event agenda. They can click Enter backstage on any session they are a speaker in to go to the backstage area of that session.

If no session is live, the speakers and organizers will see the buffer video if your event has one, the screensaver or a screensaver with a countdown to the event start time in the mini player in the top-right corner of the screen.

If a session they are speaking in is live, speakers will be inside the backstage area in the mini player in the top-right corner of the screen. They can maximize the backstage area by clicking the arrow on the mini player.


From the event landing page, attendees can click the “Enter event” button. If no sessions are live, attendees will land on the stage and will see a buffer video if your event has one or a screensaver with a countdown to the event start time.

If a session is live, attendees will be directed to the live session on their own track. From the event landing page, when a session is live, attendees can click the “Join” button on that session to enter that session directly.

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