Speaker: System Check & Troubleshooting


To prepare speakers for the event, Goldcast runs an automated system check which includes testing the speaker's operating system, browser, camera and microphone browser permissions, VPN connection, Adblocker and network speed to ensure they are set up to work properly with the Goldcast platform.

When speakers access the event via their unique magic link, the tech check starts automatically. It is recommended that speakers complete the tech check 3 days prior to the event and resolve technical difficulties well in advance prior to the event date. For reliable results, speakers should run their tech check on the network and device they plan to use during the live event.

At the end of the tech check, speakers are prompted with the Enter Event button if they successfully pass all system checks. In case of any failure, speakers will be prompted with appropriate recommendations. 

Important notes

  1. The holistic system check to attend events on Goldcast can be performed here.
  2. Speakers are strongly encouraged to access Goldcast from a desktop or laptop computer. Using a tablet or mobile phone will degrade the attendees’ event experience.
  3. Goldcast works best in Chrome/Edge browsers. 

Setup Requirements -  Camera and Mic Permissions from Browser (Mandatory for Speakers)

It is critical that speakers’ camera and microphone permissions are enabled for Goldcast. Speakers WON’T be allowed to enter the event if these permissions are not provided by the browser. Please click here to troubleshoot camera and microphone permissions.

Screen sharing

In addition to verifying the screen-sharing capabilities, the screen share icon allows speakers to test selecting the specific screen, window, or browser tab to share before the event begins.

This step is particularly important for anyone whose setup includes more than one monitor.

  1. Click the Test screen share button. A popup will appear. 
  2. Select the window or screen you would like to have displayed during your event.
  3. Click the Share button.
  4. The screen you have selected appears in the preview window, verifying that your computer's screen-sharing capabilities are compatible with the Goldcast platform.
  5. If you are unable to see the shared screen, a popup will appear at the bottom left indicating an error during screen sharing. Refer to our screen-sharing guide to troubleshoot screen-sharing-related issues.

Additional system checks

  1. Operating System:  Goldcast is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.
  2. Browser:  Goldcast works best in Chrome or Edge. However, speakers may also use the application in Firefox or Internet Explorer if needed. 
  3. VPN and Ad Blocker:  For an optimal event experience on Goldcast it is suggested to disable Adblocker & disconnect VPN/ Firewalls, as these might cause issues with A/V streaming and network speeds.
  4. Network Connection: Goldcast runs a check to determine whether speakers can connect smoothly with audiences and recommends if a better network connection is required.

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